Yerevan — Stepanakert - DILIJAN — GYUMRI — Goris
17.07 — 30.09
the idea
The photo project «Dedication» tells the story of people who despite everything preserve their humanity, people for whom every life is precious.
The idea for the project was born during the 2020 war when Artsakh was being bombarded for over 40 days, and people were forced to part with their pets. Many people left their homes without being able to take their pets with them, others died during the war.
This project is about not being indifferent and staying responsible for those whom we have tamed.
Artsakh became a place where a huge number of pets found themselves on the street without care, food or a roof. Cats and dogs were wandering the streets under bombardment in search of food. The blockade and the subsequent food crisis further exacerbated their situation.

Hungry dogs wounded during the Azeri bombardments started gathering in packs.
«Artsakhi activists and people who simply were not indifferent could not accept this situation. That is why with their own means they opened shelters where they continue taking care of animals in blockade circumstances, feeding and treating them despite the fact that they themselves are in need of support and aid»,
- Narine Karapetyan
the project’s moto
I can’t be your friend your entire life because I don’t live that long. But I will be your friend my entire life.
Narine Karapetyan
the author
There are many stories in life – heart-warming, kind, joyful, sad or tragic. As a photographer, I love to listen carefully to these stories, observe story tellers to see how they cross time boundaries by delving into their memories. Among these stories, you can come across some special ones where the story tellers’ eyes suddenly sparkle – stories about animals. These are stories about genuine friendship, loyalty and real dedication to people, the meaning of which continues to open up throughout our lives. Stories about pets are being told in a small family circle like the most beautiful fairy tales. They pass on from grandparents to grandchildren, parents to children asking them to tell a story. I have such a story from my grandfather about an orange horse with a white star on its forehead. If you ask a grown-up who had a pet as a child, he will tell you that he had a miracle in his childhood, sharing his memories of it. Ask a child how many brothers or sisters she has, she will certainly count her four-legged family member as well.
«They pass on from grandparents to grandchildren, parents to children asking them to tell a story»
Having been born in Artsakh before the first Artsakh war, I cherish the memories of stories heard from people who faced many predicaments, but who also knew moments of joy given to them by their animal friends in times of despair. Years passed, and another war was fought. Past suffering is echoing in the present. Yet again, people and animals share a harsh reality. It is difficult for both of them, but they stay faithful to each other. This photo project is an attempt to tell stories about love, loyalty and dedication in the reality of the blockade. This is a story about kindness, hope and unconditional love which is sorely missing in our turbulent time. Perhaps, reading it there will be a twinkle in your eye.
The most caring guests gathered at the opening of the exhibition in the Diana Abgar Park in Yerevan: animal welfare organizations and associations, owners with their pets, children, residents of Artsakh, relatives who divided by the road of life - all those who believe that even a small coil of good works a great miracle.

The next day, the Nikoghosyan Cultural Center hosted a teleconference with the author of the project Narine Karapetyan and her guests at Stepanakert, a screening of the animated film "The Barking Island" by French director of Armenian origin Serge Avedikyan, which tells about the hideous fact of the street dogs slaughtered in Constantinople in 1910, and a public talk with the head of Dingo Team Animal Welfare NGO Ovsanna Hovsepyan. In the future, additional educational and cultural events are planned, as well as special events to pay attention to the issues of keeping pets in a humanitarian crisis.

The exhibition "Dedication" has a mobile format. From July 26 to August 10, it will move to the building of the Zvartnots airport in order to highlight the problem of blocked Artsakh in the world of open borders as widely as possible.
Further, from August 11 to 25, the exhibition will be held in the park of the TUMO center in Yerevan, and from August 27 to September 7 at TUMO in Gyumri. The exposition will continue in other cities of Armenia: from September 9 to 19 in Dilijan and from September 22 to 30 in Goris.

The exhibition will be held in Stepanakert from 18 to 25 July.
«VIVA – Doctors and Volunteers for Armenia» Foundation
The story of the fund began on 7 April 2016 as a result of the four-day war in the Republic of Artsakh. Already on the fourth day of the war, the first batch of humanitarian aid was delivered to Artsakh, including medical supplies and equipment. In 2017, the fund was registered in Armenia as a non-commercial organisation.

Our chief mission is accessible and high-quality healthcare! That is why we help with providing hospitals in Amenia and Artsakh with necessary medical equipment and materials. The fund develops major educational programmes and organizes conferences on various healthcare issues. Doctors and nurses from Armenia and Artsakh undertake internships alongside the leading specialists in world famous clinics, including in Moscow, St Petersburg, Germany, Portugal etc.

Transparency and openness are the foundational principles of «VIVA». Our motto is «VIVA for Life».
A number of local animal welfare communities from Armenia and Artsakh joined the Service project and will sent a petition to international animal welfare organisations asking for immediate intervention and protect pets on the verge of survival in besieged Artsakh.
become a friend
Our values:
If you feel an affinity with the stories and the heroes of this exhibition, and you share these values and you care about life, you can become a friend of our project.
(R. Emerson)
The scientific-educational fund ‘301:Land of Wisdom’ and Club 301 bring together people who care about Armenia.

Our mission is to provide Armenia and the entire Armenian world with ontological security.

We are founded upon values of trust, generosity, responsibility, patriotism and wit, and we believe in a safe future where Armenians will have their special place on the face of Earth.
The foundation was founded in 2018 by Nikolay Nikoghosyan himself and opened doors in Yerevan August 2019 as an art space.

The Foundation's mission is not only to maintain the Master’s art heritage and other artists of the 20th century, but also to support and promote young artist in Armenia. Besides the exhibitions, the found holds a series of educational programs, concerts, history of world and Armenian art lectures.
There are 180 dogs and cats living in В Kof’s shelter. They are mainly animals with disabilities and abandoned ones. The shelter was established due to the efforts of volunteers and exists on private donations.
There are 180 dogs and cats living in В Kof’s shelter. They are mainly animals with disabilities and abandoned ones. The shelter was established due to the efforts of volunteers and exists on private donations.
The Armenian Association of dog lovers is a non-commercial organization bringing together people who care about dogs. It was created to raise awareness about the topic of humane treatment of animals. The Association organizes a dialogue between the professional community, cynologists and dog lovers with a purpose of exchanging information, holding consultations, organizing exhibitions and special events in Armenia.
Dingo Team Animal Welfare NGO is a charitable volunteer organization that deals with issues of medical care and custody of stray animals, providing a shelter and food for sick and elderly dogs. We are implementing educational programs aimed to increase the knowledge about animal protection, to form in society a culture of positive attitude towards animals.
The Fund for the Conservation of Biological Diversity developing programs aimed at preserving and protecting nature, biodiversity and the environment in Armenia. One of our most important goals is to improve an environment in which animals and plants will be safe.
our friends
Narine Karapetyan
- author of the photo exhibition «Dedication».
The soul of the project
Tatiana Oganesyan
- Chairman, co-founder of the VIVA Foundation, General practitioner and gastroenterologist, PHD in Medical Sciences.
The spirit of the project
Gor Nahapetyan
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the VIVA Foundation, Founder of the 301: Land of Wisdom Foundation, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
The engine of the project
Victor Mikhailov
- co-founder of VIVA, Head of Expat LLC, Doctor of Philosophy in Law.
The conscience of the project
Yulia Potapova
- Art connoisseur, an art curator.
Project expert
Peter Nemoy
- Teacher, director, researcher, creator and maker of meanings.
The sage of the project
Emma Marashlyan
- Photographer and founder of the studio Photo Atelier Marashlyan in Yerevan.
The inspirer of the project
Alexander Toporkov
- The project team member.
Anastasia Isaeva
- The project team member.
Zara Agemian
- The project team member.
elena kozhemyakina
- VIVA Foundation ambassador, founder of the GermaniQA PR agency, behavioral management expert.
Project voice
17.07 - 30.09
Yerevan — Stepanakert - DILIJAN — GYUMRI — Goris