Nune and Chernusha
Our first cat, the mother of Chernusha, was Kisa. When I was giving away Kisa’s kittens, no one chose Chernusha – she was black and not so pretty. Chernusha is almost 14 years old now, she grew up with my son and guarded our house during the entire war. She also saved us from fire once. I forgot to blow the candle out. When the fire spread to the table, Chernusha jumped so much on my chest until I woke up. We have many stories about her. When my son would return from his military service for a family visit, Chernusha would lie down on his uniform, she wouldn’t let me wash it, she missed my son. I’m grateful to her for her love for us, for being so clean and keeping our house spotless, and for forgetting about my troubles when hugging her. I want her to live for a very long time.
17.07 - 30.09
Yerevan — Stepanakert - Gyumri — Dilijan — Goris