Inara and Max
Thanks to Max, I changed my attitude towards animals. I was afraid of stray dogs, every time I would see one in the street, I would change my path. Now, I’m not afraid of them any longer, instead I come close to them, pet them and give them something to eat if I have anything handy. Max is a very clever dog, and he really loves children. When we go for a walk, every time he sees a child, he pulls towards him to play a little. Sometimes, the parents worry that the dog would be aggressive and keep the children away. I always tell them that Max is very friendly, but he only knows how to bark instead of talking.

Max is very jealous when I show interest in other animals. When he smells my hands and senses another dog or a cat, he gets upset, goes and sleeps in a corner. There is no chance of reconciliation on such days. But you can always make peace with Max in the summer by simply offering him a little ice-cream.
17.07 - 30.09
Yerevan — Stepanakert - Gyumri — Dilijan — Goris